The cost of a college education has increased dramatically over the years. The total cost of in-state tuition for a UC, room and board is now upwards of $33,000 per year. Nationally, the average California student leaves school $23,000 in debt.

The Coliseum Foundation’s goal is to continue to seek high quality students who have already made an impact in their schools and communities and are most likely to be positive impact players in society for the rest of their lives.

In 1980, when the scholarship program began, our grants were $1,000 per year and were sufficient to cover most of the cost of tuition at a UC Campus. Since then, the grants have increased to $5,5000 and only cover about 1/3 of the cost of tuition at a UC Campus. Each year, $242,000 is needed to pay the scholarships for forty-four students. All current scholarships are for $5,500 per year for four years.

Donations of any amount are welcomed. The benefits are several. They range from the satisfaction that one has enabled some bright mind to fulfill its destiny through higher education which may not otherwise have been available, to the tax advantages that may be available to the contributor. The tax aspects of a gift to a 501 (c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt organization such as the Coliseum Foundation cannot be overlooked.

There are currently three areas to which to donate:

  1. General scholarship donations
  2. Become a Coliseum Colleague
  3. Endow a named scholarship

All three programs are administered by the Coliseum Foundation. Approximately ninety percent of income from general scholarship donations and investments has been applied for scholarships paid to the students.